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Knowledge base : Working with your AnyMote Home > What to do if your phone can't find your AnyMote

There are several reasons, for which your AnyMote might not be available for connecting to your phone, but following the steps below can help you solve them all:

1. Make sure that 2 AA batteries are inserted correctly, and the AnyMote is turned on. For the first 60 seconds after turning on, the logo backlight will turn on.
2. Make sure that no other device is connected to the AnyMote, by pressing the link button at the bottom of the unit. This will turn on the backlight and disconnect any possibly connected phone or tablet
3. Bring the AnyMote within Bluetooth range. That means 150-200 feet, but during the initial setup it's best to be closer than 30 feet.
4. Move the AnyMote away from your router - it should be at least 3 feet away to avoid any radio interference.
5. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, but do not try to connect to the AnyMote through the Bluetooth settings of your phone. If you have an Android phone running OS 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer, you also need to turn on Location Services.

If you still have problems using your AnyMote Home, please email us and a human person will help you.

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