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Knowledge base : Working with external services > How do I use this with IFTTT ?

UPDATE: AnyMote now has an IFTTT service for direct integration:

If This Then That integration with Smart IR Remote is currently in Beta, as this is used using workarounds.

1. Using Smart IR Remote commands as triggers for IFTTT recipes
To act as a trigger for the "if this" part of your recipes, Smart IR Remote will trick IFTTT into believing it received an email from your account. Don't worry, we don't need your email password.
To start, create a new IFTTT recipe, and as the Trigger Channel in step 1, select Email. Next, select Send an IFTTT Email Tagged, and use any unique tag you want. For example, let's use #AnymoteRocks (you don't actually need to input the # sign)
Finish your recipe by also filling in the "then that" steps normally.
Next, to actually trigger this event, in Smart IR Remote when you want to import a new button into a remote, or a command into a Macro or automated task, select Execute IFTTT Task and enter your IFTTT Account email address, and the tag you used earlier (in our example, AnymoteRocks), and finish by taping the checkmark in the upper-right side of the screen.

2. Using IFTTT to send commands to your devices through the AnyMote running on your phones:
Please go to Settings - IFTTT (Beta), and login with an AnyMote account to sync your remotes. Next, go to and login with the same account when prompted.
Now, you can create a new IFTTT applet, and on the [then] section you will be able to select which command or macro you would like to execute.

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