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Knowledge base : Known Issues > The app stopped sending IR signals. What can I do?

First of all, check if the preloaded remote app is still working for you correctly. Several manufacturers recently released OS updates that break the IR Blaster to a certain degree, and in those cases there isn't much we can do. Such is the case with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phones, where in most cases the IR Blaster works under 50% of the times, the breakage happening after an OS update in October 2014.

If you are using a custom ROM, also try to verify that the IR Blaster is working, by looking at it through another phone's camera to see if it lights up when you try to send a command. If the blaster lights up but your equipment isn't reacting to commands it was reacting before, or if the blaster doesn't light up at all, send us an email at with all the following information:

  • is the IR Blaster lighting up when you try to send a command ?
  • are you using a custom ROM ? if so, which one ?
  • what Android version are you using ?
  • what phone/tablet are you using ?
  • when did the IR Blaster stop working ?
  • what email address (Google Play account) did you use to purchase our app ?

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