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Knowledge base : Known Issues > My widgets just disappeared. Why ?

There is a known bug on Samsung phones and tablets where the widgets sometimes disappear every time we update our app. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent that.
This will also happen if you move the app on the sdcard.

To ameliorate this issue, we've made it easy to re-add your widgets without having to re-configure them. To do that, simply add a new widget and select the old widget's name from the list that appears. For this to work you will have to use the widgets with names starting with "AnyMote".

If you are not able to add new widgets at all for our app, go into our app's settings, make a backup (which by default includes your widget configurations too), and then reinstall the app. When running the app for the first time after reinstall, you can restore your settings by using the small button in the lower-right in the category screen.

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