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Knowledge base : Known Issues (iOS) > My Smart TV doesn't power on/off when I send the power command

When using wifi remotes, you control your device over the network, when they're connected to the same wifi. 

While some Smart TVs stay connected to the network when they're asleep, most don't. Which is why, when you power off your TV, it completely disconnects its network card to save power, so when you try to power it back on using a wifi remote, the app won't be able to connect to it so it can wake the TV.

The power commands are there for the few devices that don't completely shut off their network cards when asleep (for compatibility reasons).

Some smart TV models won't even allow power off commands over wifi for this reason.

In these cases, the only way to power on the devices is over InfraRed. If you're interested in controlling your devices over IR, please check out our AnyMote Home device that gives your phone the ability to send IR commands wirelessly.

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