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Knowledge base : Editing your remotes > What are Color Themes and how do I use them?

Color Themes are combinations of colors that you can apply to a remote to completely change its look.  

IOS - themes can be changed from the Edit mode of the remote. To get there just open the left menu and tap the corresponding Settings button.
Creating of themes will be added in a future update.

Android - themes can be accessed from both Settings and the Edit mode of the remote. 
Each theme has 5 different customizable colors, which cover everything visible on a remote:
  • Button Text Color - the actual color of all texts on your remote buttons
  • Button Background Color - the color of the background on the remote buttons
  • Title Text Color - the color of the text and icons shown on the action bar (title bar) at the top of the remote. This is usually the remote name
  • Title Background Color - the actual color of the title/action bar
  • Screen Background Color - the color of the whole screen. This also affects the status bar (notification bar) color

To apply a color theme, in Settings -> Color Themes, simply tap the theme, select "apply to a remote", select your remote from the dropdown and tap Apply.

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