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Knowledge base : Discovering the AnyMote app > Configuring a new remote

There are two kinds of remotes that you can configure in the AnyMote - Smart Remote app, depending on the technology they use:
- WiFi devices - devices that are connected to your WiFi and can be controlled with a phone app
- IR devices - devices that are normally controlled with a plastic remote

WiFi devices
On the initial app welcome screen, swipe to the last page. Devices that have been automatically discovered and added (if any) will be shown with a green checkmark.
If you have devices on your WiFi that have not been automatically connected, tap [+ add my wifi devices]. You'll see a list of supported devices, and tapping one will start a specific scan on the network.
You also have the option of manually connecting by using the IP address and port number.

IR Devices
Immediately after configuring your AnyMote Home, you'll have a grid of categories of devices you can control. You can access the same grid later on by tapping the [+] (plus) button in the navigation menu.

Choose the appropriate the category, and then the device brand. If you're not sure about the category, remember that all DVD + BluRay Players, AV receivers and speakers are in the Audio Video System category, and anything with streaming capabilities that's not from a cable provider is in the Game / Media Manager category.

After selecting a brand, you should type in your model name so that AnyMote can search for an appropriate remote. Don't worry if you're not prompted to type in a model name - that only means AnyMote was able to find a matching remote easier!

After searching for a model, simply tap the first of the search results and you'll get a preview of the remote. You can now test all the buttons of that remote, and if it's a correct match, use the save/keep button in the lower right to save it.

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