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Knowledge base : Compatibility with your electronics > Apple TV / MacBook Pro is not working. How do I fix that ?

All Apple TVs and all MacBook Pros until the Retina model include an IR Receiver, which means they can be controlled by Smart IR Remote. However, to avoid conflicts, your physical Apple remote might be paired with the Apple TV / MacBook Pro, and you'll first have to unpair them to have them work with Smart IR Remote.

To unpair, follow the steps below:
  • On an aluminum Apple Remote, press and hold the Menu and Left buttons for 6 seconds.
  • On an earlier, white Apple Remote, press and hold the Menu and Previous/Rewind buttons for 6 seconds.
You can also use these steps:
  • Choose Settings > General > Remotes from the Apple TV main menu.
  • Choose Unpair Apple Remote.

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