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Knowledge base : Compatibility with your electronics > A remote I downloaded is missing buttons. What can I do?

Often you may want to find buttons for your remote that the original plastic remote doesn't have, but would still be useful to you. Did you know that for most TVs we have buttons that switch directly to HDMI 1, 2, 3 or 4, although there's no such button on any original remote ?
Sometimes we even have remotes that are missing buttons, or remotes uploaded by fellow customers have broken buttons that you might want to replace.

Luckily most remotes are not unique and we can discover the missing codes in the other remotes we have listed. To do so:
  • Open the Left menu
  • Tap the Settings button corresponding to your remote and select EDIT
  • Tap the [+] button at the top corner, where you usually import other commands/functionality in the current remote
  • Select "New Command from Server" and test the ones you are missing. Some will have a slightly different name so it's worth exploring. 
  • Use the orange play button to test each command before using the checkmark to save it.

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