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Knowledge base : Automation features > What are automated tasks and how can I use them?

To start automating the most common actions you need, you'll have to start creating tasks for each of them. Setting up tasks uses the natural IF this THEN that flow, where the condition (the this part) is an event that happens on your phone with or without user interaction, and the action (the then part) is what gets executed when the chosen event finished executing. 

Supported condition events (not all events are available on both iOS and/or Android):
  • Current time - the system clock equals the chosen time - just like an alarm clock
  • Incoming phone call - the phone receives a phone call
  • Outgoing phone call - the phone initiates a phone call
  • Hardware volume - the volume keys (up / down) are pressed
  • Hardware mute toggle - you switch on/off the hardware mute button
While the current time and phone call events work even Smart IR Remote is not in the foreground (phone can even be asleep), hardware volume events only work while you have the app in front of you, so that they don't interfere with the rest of the system.

For the actions to execute when an event happens you can choose any of the commands in your remotes or any of your macros, without any kind of limitations.
Once both an event condition and an action command/macro have been selected, the task is automatically saved.

A few examples:
- turn everything off at 11pm - create a new task, select the current time IF condition, and for the THEN action select a macro you've created that sends the POWER ON or toggle command for each of your devices

- mute or pause when you receive a phone call - create a new task, select the incoming phone call condition, and for the action select the MUTE, PAUSE or any other command you want belonging to the device you want to control

- change the volume of your TV (or any other device) using your phone's volume buttons - create a new task, select hardware volume up for the condition, and then the VOLUME UP command of the device you want to control. Press the BACK button of your phone/tablet, create a new task, and repeat but for hardware volume down

Advanced users: Smart IR Remote also has a Tasker Plugin, through which you can execute ir actions (commands or macros) when the specific events in your Tasker profile happen. 

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