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Knowledge base : App compatibility with your phone > I am using a custom ROM. Will my IR Blaster work?

Most of the time the integrated IR Blaster works without any alterations on most custom ROMs. We closely work with a CyanogenMOD developer to insure support to CM-based roms, however it doesn't always work as expected.

If the IR isn't working, the first thing you can try is change the way our app sends commands to the IR Blaster. To do that, go into our app's settings, scroll, and toggle the USE ALTERNATE IR COMMANDS checkbox. If the IR still isn't working after that, try looking at the IR Blaster though another phone's camera as you try to send a command, and see if there's a purple or white light showing up. If there's no light, it means that the IR blaster drivers are not being included or loaded by your ROM.
Here's how that light should look like:

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