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Knowledge base : Compatibility with your electronics > The AnyMote Home Hub is Discontinued (but still supported)

As of December 30, 2017, we've discontinued the production of the AnyMote Home Hub hardware. We are focusing all our efforts in a software-only solution, while we are still supporting all existing AnyMote Home units and adding support for 3rd party IR hubs.

In the past 3 years, the Anymote apps for iOS and Android have become by far the most advanced remote control apps for smart (connected) devices - TVs, Lights, Plugs, etc .. - devices that you can control using only software. As interest for IR-enabled devices decreased and interest for smart devices increased, a pattern became clear so we've increased our efforts in supporting many of them.

Thanks to this decision, in the coming year you'll start noticing a significant improvement in the number of smart devices you can control, as well as improvements for those we already have.

PS: If you've purchased a unit in the last 60 days and you would like a refund instead, please either request one from (if you've purchased from there), or email us at if you purchased from

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